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[Weekly Inspiration] 3 Teacher Pep Talks to Get You Pumped for Back to School

[Weekly Inspiration] 3 Teacher Pep Talks to Get You Pumped for Back to School

Feeling a little down about the end of summer vacation? School supply commercials giving you anxiety? Impending room setup and PD interrupting your restful sleep? If you answered yes to any of the above, we’re willing to bet you’re not alone. While you’re working hard to prepare for back-to-school season, here’s some much needed encouragement:

“It’s time to be more awesome”

Kid President delivers an inspirational and insightful message in this short video. His adorable and silly delivery is sure to have you smiling by the end.

“What does a world without teachers look like?”

In this touching video, various people share their heartwarming and special teacher experiences that will warm your heart (and make you tear up!).

“Through the good and the bad – trust yourself”

What would you say to yourself on your first day of your teaching career? Veteran teachers of all ages share their wisdom with their past selves and the results are incredible.

We know that there is a lot of hard work and preparation needed to kick the school year off right. We’re excited to see what all teachers have in store this year for their students! Teachers: THANK YOU! We appreciate everything you do, each and every school year.