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[Weekly Inspiration] 4 Awesome My Why Stories from FETC 2019

[Weekly Inspiration] 4 Awesome My Why Stories from FETC 2019

We attended FETC in Orlando this past month and talked to a LOT of educators. A few of our team members asked teachers one simple question: “What’s your why?” Our team members captured incredible footage from the conference and shared the videos on Twitter. We gathered 4 of our favorite “My Why” stories for you here, representing anecdotes from the awesome educators who took a moment to share their story with us.

“Every child is capable of learning”

“I want to make a difference”

“I wanted to be there for students because I had no one there for me”

“I want to recognize students for the gifts they have”

We are so honored to work with awesome educators everyday at Edmentum and to be able to hear their stories is so inspiring and motivating. Share your “My Why” story with us on Twitter! Be sure to tag us (@edmentum) and use the #EducatorFirst hashtag!'s picture
Brita Hammer received a B.S. in Marketing at North Dakota State University. She started with Edmentum in March 2018 and currently serves as a Marketing Associate. Brita is passionate about providing teachers resources to help their students achieve in and out of the classroom.

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