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[Weekly Inspiration] 5 State Testing Themed Songs to Get Your Students Excited

[Weekly Inspiration] 5 State Testing Themed Songs to Get Your Students Excited

State assessments are right around the corner. You’ve worked hard with your students all year to get them ready for these important exams. To help keep test anxiety and stress at bay, educators across the country are always coming up with creative ways to motivate and boost students’ confidence right up to testing day. Some schools have created catchy versions of popular songs to fill heads of their students with important reminders to do their best! Here are 5 of our favorite songs created by teachers and students to motivate you for state testing. (Beware – these will get stuck in your head!)

STAAR STAAR Baby – WoodCreek Elementary, TX

Can’t Stop the Testing Oralia R. Rodriguez Elementary, TX

Rock This Test – Clinton Elementary School, IL

Juju on that Beat FSA Can Be Beat - FL

Shake it Off – Silver Creek Elementary, IN

We know that test preparation isn’t always easy – but the hard work that you and your students put into it is so worth it! Good luck to your students on their upcoming state assessments, Edmentum wishes them the best!

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