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[Weekly Inspiration] Angel Bus Driver Forms Wonderful Friendship With Student

[Weekly Inspiration] Angel Bus Driver Forms Wonderful Friendship With Student

For some students, having a parent to help them get ready for school in the morning is a given. But for 11-year-old Isabella Pieri, mornings are a little different. After her mother passed away in 2016, Isabella’s father needed to leave early for work to help provide for his daughter, leaving her all by herself to get gets ready for school each morning.

Isabella’s bus driver, Tracy Dean, noticed that she would board the bus every morning with a messy ponytail and a somber attitude. Tracy took it upon herself to act as a buddy to Isabella, not knowing her story. After seeing Tracy fix another student’s braid on the bus one morning, Isabella mustered up the courage to ask her to fix her own hair. The results were incredible.

Since forming a friendship with Tracy, Isabella’s attitude has brightened. Isabella’s teachers have noticed her newfound confidence and the positive impact on her happiness has had on not only her schoolwork, but her classmates and family as well!

Tracy is glad that Isabella reached out to her and hopes that other teachers and staff will reach out to a student that may be in need.

“You just never know what [the students] are going through, and you shouldn’t be quick to judge,” Tracy said. “It may be their way of reaching out for a friend or for help.”

The friendship between Isabella and Tracy can serve as an example of the truly wonderful acts of kindness that we are all capable of. How can you pay it forward in your own community?'s picture
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