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[Weekly Inspiration] Arkansas Mom Buys Entire Store’s Inventory of Shoes for Local Children

[Weekly Inspiration] Arkansas Mom Buys Entire Store’s Inventory of Shoes for Local Children

Have you ever brought what you thought was a crazy idea to reality? One Arkansas mom did just that when she bought the entire inventory of a Payless shoe store in July. She plans to donate the 1,500 pairs of shoes she purchased to local students before the start of the new school year.

Carrie Jernigan said she got the idea from her young daughter, who wanted to buy a superhero-themed pair of shoes for a superhero-loving classmate whose own shoes were too small. When Jernigan was shopping at her local Payless, she jokingly asked the sales associate how much it would be buy out the entire store, not expecting the sales associate to hop into action.

A few calls and an OK from the district manager later, Jernigan brought home 1,500 pairs of shoes and began organizing a back-to-school giveaway that she’ll hold this month for local families. She's grateful that her kids went with her to Payless that day, she said. "It just reiterates to me that their hearts are in the right place," she said.

You can read the full story from CNN here.

Jernigan’s family recognized a need in their community and jumped at the chance to give back. While it can sometimes be easy to write off your own idea because you think it may be too far-fetched, sometimes telling another person about your idea is exactly the push you might need to something big.

While buying out a shoe store’s inventory isn’t exactly the easiest opportunity, try and think about how you can benefit those in your local community during this back-to-school season. The results may surprise you.'s picture
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