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[Weekly Inspiration] Bullying Prevention Awareness Month – LIKE US

[Weekly Inspiration] Bullying Prevention Awareness Month – LIKE US

PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center recently announced their support for the live action short film, LIKE US, created by the Family School Association (FSA) of the Ethical Community charter and FSA Performing Arts Program, together with THISLEARNING®. 

LIKE US is directed by Kris Van Nest, and his assistant director, Ann E. Wallace. For the film, Van Nest guided 6th-8th grade students through a ten-week screenwriting process. Each student was challenges to tell a story with an ethical dilemma at its center. Then, casting agent, Meghan Rafferty built a diverse cast of student actors, ranging from grades 2-8 to join in on the project while teaching them how to prepare for an on-camera audition. Students were able to learn valuable technical filming skills while they were on and off the screen. They were also taught to not judge themselves or each other during the production process. Watch the trailer below!

What a creative way for students to learn about bullying prevention.  How can you build awareness in your classroom or your school?

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