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[Weekly Inspiration] Can Bruno Mars Inspire Learning?

[Weekly Inspiration] Can Bruno Mars Inspire Learning?

Treasure, that is what he is. Bruno Mars is a Grammy award-winning artist, uptown funky man and the source of this week's inspiration. Check out these clever and catchy motivational music videos, made by students and teachers just like you to the tunes of a few of his latest hits!

Student-Created Inspiration
Watch Teon and his fellow students at Citizens Academy sing original lyrics about their master plan to expand their brains and get good grades, all to the tune of “Grenade.”



Teacher-Created Inspiration
Get inspired by the teachers of Steel City Academy in Gary, Indiana as they pump their students up to pass the Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress-Plus (ISTEP+), inspired by Bruno’s latest hit “Finesse.”


Whether it’s gearing up for testing, a student with an enthusiasm for learning, or just having a little fun, singing and dancing to get motivated is never the wrong way to kick off the week.

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