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[Weekly Inspiration] #CleartheList Movement Inspires Back-to-School Generosity

[Weekly Inspiration] #CleartheList Movement Inspires Back-to-School Generosity

The average public-school teacher spends hundreds of dollars from their own pocket buying classroom supplies every year. Knowing the struggles of back-to-school supply spending, earlier this summer Texas educator Courtney Jones created the Support a Teacher Facebook group, a place where teachers could not only support each other, but also get some much-needed help with stocking up for the coming school year.

The group has since launched into a full-blown movement, thanks to #CleartheLists, the hashtag Jones has popularized across social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to bring attention to the strain stocking up a classroom can be on a teacher’s wallet, and letting people know how they can help.

Since the hashtag began to pick up steam, donations from generous strangers have poured in for teachers everywhere, meaning more and more students will have classroom supplies to kick off the new school year. Even celebrities like Lady Gaga, Lance Bass, and Bill Burr have joined the movement to assist educators, clearing lists while encouraging others to donate what they can do to support a teacher.

The group’s Twitter @support_a_teach is buzzing with teachers from across the country sharing each other’s lists, swapping inspirational quotes, and encouraging one another to keep making a difference in the lives of others. Jones has said she is amazed at the rate movement has taken off, and that she hopes that teachers everywhere feel appreciated, loved, and generous.

What started as a way for teachers to access school supplies has become a community of educators engaging and advocating for one another and inspired the generosity of people all over the nation. While we can’t all start a viral movement or purchase the classroom supplies for every teacher we know (though we wish we could!), the #CleartheLists movement reminds us that even giving what we can, be it a box of pencils or some words of encouragement, can make all the difference to an educator.

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McKenna Wierman

McKenna Wierman studied Journalism at the University of Mississippi, and has worked with Edmentum since June 2016. She currently serves as a Digital Marketing Specialist, and believes that empowered teachers are the key to successful students.