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[Weekly Inspiration] Diving Into Bravery

[Weekly Inspiration] Diving Into Bravery

Teachers often act as positive role models in a student’s life. While you work hard to teach and help students learn every day, it’s not always easy. Leading by example can be just the push of momentum a student needs to succeed.

4-year-old Dylan Stich was afraid of jumping off the diving board in the swimming pool. His parents tried to encourage him to jump in, but to no avail. When his neighbor, 95-year-old Daniel Biss, an Air Force Veteran from WWII and Korea, heard that Dylan was afraid, he set out to display an unexpected act of bravery and courage. Watch the full story below:

After Daniel jumped off the board to show Dylan that he too could be brave and jump, Dylan shortly followed suit and jumped courageously off the diving board. “It was really neat that that inspired him to do it,” Dylan’s mom remarked.

As an educator, you have an important role in a student’s life. You have the power to inspire and encourage each of your students to achieve beyond their wildest dreams. Sometimes, you have to dive in and get your hands messy to show your students they are capable of anything they dream of. How can you inspire and encourage your students in your class?