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[Weekly Inspiration] Educator of the Year: How Do You Inspire Your Students?

[Weekly Inspiration] Educator of the Year: How Do You Inspire Your Students?

Inspiration isn’t easily manufactured. It takes a special kind of person to produce the spark that can light up a student’s eyes and get the gears turning in their brain. That’s why this week, we are inspired by the educators we are dedicated to supporting; who work tirelessly each and every day to inspire their students—our Edmentum partners.

In honor of all the educators who inspire us, we would like to share a few soundbites from this year’s crop of Edmentum Educator of the Year Award contest nominees. This contest is currently underway, so it’s not too late to nominate an educator you know (or, it can even be you!) who’s doing amazing things for students. Read on for reminders of why you probably became a teacher in the first place, and what inspires you to do this great work everyday!

“I inspire and support students by helping them achieve their goals. In addition to being their teacher, I am also their youth pastor in town. I understand the struggles and the home life that some of my students face. I want this classroom to be the best experience they have in school this way they will always connect their educational experience to this 6th-grade room.” – An Applause-Worthy Educator in Texoma, Oklahoma

“I want all of my students to know that they are capable of achieving. It is okay to make mistakes in my class, as long as they are able to show that they can grow from them.” - An All-Star Educator in Louisville, KY

“Last year Santa Rosa, CA suffered one of the worst fires in our state’s history. Our school suffered a terrible loss. I believe it was more than 40% of students at one of the school sites lost their homes, and this educator has spent the last year and a half working incredibly hard to re-engage students. These students need her and her passion.” – A peer nominating a Super Star Educator in Santa Rosa, CA

 “This educator ALWAYS has an open-door policy for his students. Whenever a student needs a hand with an assignment, he is the first to offer his assistance. He inspires by being an open and honest teacher who is willing to work directly with his students!” – A peer nominating a Teaching Whiz in Levittown, PA

“This teacher’s students recognize the work she puts into them as individuals and as a collective. They know the countless hours she spends grading for learning, planning, and differentiating. In turn, her students are inspired to make ELA come alive as they plan real-world ideas and reflect thankfully when they graduate both 8th and later 12th grade from our district high school. To use a metaphor, if a student's educational journey is like a car, this educator provides the frame for students that carries them through high school and beyond.– A peer of a Classroom Champion in Plymouth Meeting, PA

“This educator encourages her students to push themselves to be the best they can be. She has established a wonderful atmosphere in her classroom that includes compassion, responsibility, and integrity. It is also a classroom filled with hope and hard work.” – A peer of a Top-Notch Teacher in Louisville, KY

We’re looking for educators who exceed expectations in the following areas: technology integration, Edmentum implementation, innovation, and student engagement. If you are an Edmentum educator who exhibits excellence or know a colleague who fits this description, share your story, and enter to become Edmentum's Educator of the Year.

One grand prize winner, our top K–12 educator, will win a FREE trip to ISTE 2019, a $100 Amazon gift card, and a featured post right here on the Edmentum blog! We’ll also recognize three additional Inspiring Educators with $100 Amazon gift cards and Edmentum blog features.'s picture
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McKenna Wierman studied Journalism at the University of Mississippi, and has worked with Edmentum since June 2016. She currently serves as a Digital Marketing Specialist, and believes that empowered teachers are the key to successful students.