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[Weekly Inspiration] Elevating Student Voice Through Senior Talks

[Weekly Inspiration] Elevating Student Voice Through Senior Talks

Every educator strives to make their classroom a place where students feel most comfortable. Educators are always looking for more ways to get to know and connect with their students to hear their stories. After all, each student goes through their own struggles in order to get where they are today. Codman Academy Charter Public School in Dorchester, Massachusetts, hosts Senior Talks to give their graduating seniors a chance to hear their stories.

Each graduating senior must prepare a talk to give in front of the entire school, creating a sense of community. Senior Talks are a great way for students to share their stories and receive support and encouragement from their school community. The talks are also a great way for younger students to have a shining example of older students who have worked through tough times in their lives and have made it to graduation. Head of School Thabiti Brown said “We want our students to be able to explain the ways in which their journey has helped them be comfortable in who they are, confident about who they are, so that when the world comes for them, they are ready to also come to the world.”

How can you strive to create a sense of community and belonging in school? Maybe you start a mentorship program, pairing older and younger students together, or maybe you create an opportunity for your students to share their stories in class. Whatever it may be, there’s nothing greater than building community and a sense of pride in your school.'s picture
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