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[Weekly Inspiration] Estella and Her Brilliant Bus

[Weekly Inspiration] Estella and Her Brilliant Bus

Need some inspiration to kick off your week? Check out this story about community leader, long-time educator, and Edmentum partner, Estella Pyfrom and her Brilliant Bus.

“When you can see the smiles on their faces, and when they look at you and say ‘yes, I did it!’ it makes me feel like all my sacrifices and all my hard work were not in vain. Will I ever stop? Heck to the no!” 

“I started Estella’s Brilliant Bus because I saw a need. Children live in underserved neighborhoods and don’t have access to the internet because many of the families have to choose between food on the table and whether they want to attempt to provide internet services and a computer.”

Estella has worked her entire life to serve others, and after retiring from teaching, she fulfilled her dream of bringing educational technology to children in need in her community. Her work has earned her recognition in her local community, led to her being named a CNN Hero, and even garnered the attention of philanthropist Oprah Winfrey. She was also featured in an advertisement for Microsoft during the 2015 Super Bowl.

Estella and her Brilliant Bus have helped over 1 million children envision a brighter future for themselves by providing not only the opportunity to learn and succeed, but also the encouragement to believe in themselves.

We sure are "on board" with her approach! How will you show your students you care this week?