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[Weekly Inspiration] The Fab Five Gives Back to Jonathan Van Ness’ Former Teacher

[Weekly Inspiration] The Fab Five Gives Back to Jonathan Van Ness’ Former Teacher

The newest season of Netflix’s Queer Eye is out and the first episode hits home for us. Jonathan Van Ness and the other Fab Five members go back to his hometown and give one of Jonathan’s former teachers a makeover that was long overdue. ­­

Kathleen Dooley, the school district’s veteran music director, is an educator that gives her whole life to what she loves, teaching. She has worked for the district for almost four decades and is still as dedicated as she was on day 1. She is rumored to always have a cot in her office, and always keeps an extra set of clothes in there in case of a long day or night.

During the episode, Jonathan has the chance to sit down with Dooley, and he thanks her for always giving him a safe place during his rough high school experience, and she was recognized for her dedication to the district. Jonathan also got to cut off her infamous mullet, and the Fab Five gave the teacher's lounge a major upgrade.

If you haven’t seen the episode already, you should check it out later, or read more about it in this Education Week blog.

Educators are so dedicated to their jobs because they want to make sure that their students have the best experience possible, and sometimes this dedication takes up a lot of their personal life. It’s important to take time and let your educators know that you appreciate their hard work. How will you thank a former educator today?

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