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[Weekly Inspiration] Hilarious, but Relatable Teacher Videos

[Weekly Inspiration] Hilarious, but Relatable Teacher Videos

We know that while teaching is a rewarding job, there are real, everyday struggles that come along with it. But have no fear, you’re not alone. Watch these relatable videos that will help you know that all teachers are in this together!

These two teachers wrote a song about their day-to-day life on-the-job, and it’s spot on!

These teachers had a blast spoofing how they see their students before Christmas break.

Watch this for some funny things that kids say. What’s the most interesting thing a student has ever said to you?

How funny are these? Our point is, you’re not alone, and it’s okay to feel these things. In the end, we all know that a teacher dedicates so much of their lives towards their students and we couldn’t appreciate you more for it!