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[Weekly Inspiration] How One Man’s Gift Brings Free College to An Entire Senior Class

[Weekly Inspiration] How One Man’s Gift Brings Free College to An Entire Senior Class

For many students, college is one of the most expensive decisions they will ever make. With rising college costs and interest rates on student loans, many students struggle to pay for school. A local businessman named Dennis Frandsen in Rush City, Minnesota has lightened this burden for the 2018 senior class at Rush City High School by gifting all 59 graduating seniors 2 years free tuition at a local community college. In addition to free tuition, Frandsen is also gifting $1,000 in textbooks and supplies to students who accept his offer. So far, at least 25 students will be accepting.

Frandsen has been a successful businessman in the small community of Rush City. He began a logging business at the age of 17 n but was never able to attend college himself. He wanted to give back to local students and give them an opportunity he never had.

“I thought it was the right thing to do,” Frandsen said. “I was able to do it and why shouldn't I?”

Frandsen’s gift of kindness will greatly impact the lives of students and their families. His act is a true display of what it means to be selfless and giving. Hopefully, his generosity inspires other businesspeople, or even celebrities, to consider paying it forward to America’s youth.

Now, Frandsen’s gift may leave you thinking “How can I give back?” While many of us do not have the ability to pay for an entire class’ college education (if only!), it’s important to remember to give back to your schools and communities. Whether it’s helping a high school student apply for college grants and scholarships, volunteering to read to a kindergarten class, or simply writing your past teachers a thank you note, giving back to those who helped you achieve success is an amazing and selfless act of service. Always remember to pay it forward – you never know what surprises are in store.