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[Weekly Inspiration] How you can move from a “yeah but” to a “what if” culture

[Weekly Inspiration] How you can move from a “yeah but” to a “what if” culture

Looking for some motivation for the week ahead? We’ve pulled one of our favorite TED Talks that will inspire you to create a culture of creativity at your school by saying “Yes!”

“If a young person or a teacher comes to you with an idea, say YES.”

Dr. Pam Moran has served in a variety of roles within her district. Most recently serving as superintendent, her district is home to one of the most contemporary learning spaces in the United States. Creating an environment where students and teachers feel comfortable approaching you with new ideas is the key to a positive school environment. You’ll never know what potential you can unlock in others when they feel empowered to explore their ideas.'s picture
Brita Hammer

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