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[Weekly Inspiration] Let’s Get Moving with Math Games!

[Weekly Inspiration] Let’s Get Moving with Math Games!

As the school year is getting started, we’re constantly thinking of new ways to get our kids excited about learning and stay engaged in the classroom. A great way to do that is through interactive games! This We Are Teachers article shares 22 different math games and activities for kids that love to move around.

How fun does the plot graph scavenger hunt look? Or the water balloon game? These may be math specific, but they are all great ideas. Your kids will be having so much fun that they won’t even know that they’re learning!

Check out some of the game ideas:

Have your students race side by side as they yell out answers to their flashcards. This could also be a great way to study for any subject.

This game is similar to “Dance Dance Revolution”. Your students will be dancing around as they do equations!

This kind of game is super customizable. Make the path as windy as you want and get creative with the rules. This is perfect for a nice fall day!

What’s your favorite game on this list? This week, try switching out a lecture with an interactive game or activity, and let us know how it goes by sharing on Facebook or Twitter and tagging us!