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[Weekly Inspiration] Meet Charter Institute at Erskine's High School Student of the Year

[Weekly Inspiration] Meet Charter Institute at Erskine's High School Student of the Year

Here at Edmentum, our vision is empowering futures, one student at a time. Recently, educators at Odyssey Online Learning reached out to let us know about, Isaac Thornton, an exceptional student who has been thriving after transitioning to online learning. So much so, that he was awarded 2020 Charter Institute at Erskine Student of the Year.

In his nomination, Odyssey Online Learning listed the following as reasons why he goes above and beyond and deserved his new title:

“Isaac is a unique student to Odyssey Online Learning. He started with us several weeks after the start of the school year and unfortunately had not been extremely successful at his previous school. Once Isaac settled into online learning, he found his niche and his grades began to steadily rise.

We do a monthly student video newsletter and we like to start by recognizing a student who is doing great. Back at the end of October, Isaac was recommended by our staff to receive that honor. Once we put his picture up and told him to keep up the good work, something inside of Isaac clicked and he decided to pour himself into his school work and try to catch up some missing units that he had let pass him by in previous years.

Isaac worked harder and longer than any of our other students and has progressed at a pace unparalleled by the rest of our student body. He has completed all assignments for his classes and has requested to begin working on material that he can finish during summer school. He is the exact reason a school like ours exists. Some students need another setting in which their brilliance and work ethic can shine through and bypass their previous setbacks. Isaac represents that better than any student we have had this school year and is most deserving of our 2019-2020 Student of the Year recognition.”

On behalf of everyone here at Edmentum, we want to say congratulations, Isaac! Keep up the great work!

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