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[Weekly Inspiration] Michelle Obama Shines a Light on Women and Education

[Weekly Inspiration] Michelle Obama Shines a Light on Women and Education

During Women’s History Month, we are inspired by all of the wonderful things women have done, and do every day. And as it turns out, one of the best ways to support girls and encourage them to achieve success is through education. When discussing women in education during a recent interview, former First Lady Michelle Obama had this to say.

“I want every girl on the planet to have the same kind of opportunities that I’ve had, and that my daughters are having, to fulfill their potential and pursue their dreams.”

-Michelle Obama

For International Women's Day, Michelle Obama and the Obama Foundation teamed up with Refinery29 to shine a light on the importance and urgency of empowering girls around the world — to ensure they can reach their full potential through education and, in turn, support their families, communities, and countries. The result is a Q&A between Mrs. Obama and four young women from Nepal, Ghana, Guatemala, and Chicago, a critical dialogue she hopes will remind us that this is our issue to face, as much as anyone else’s.

During the interview, Mrs. Obama asked about the challenges each girl faced in pursuit of education, and how they aim to help other girls achieve success through an education. Read some of their inspiring responses:

“Whether it’s about boys, health, or just everyday worries, girls need someone to talk to who is not a teacher — someone they see as a senior sister to support their journey. So I would encourage girls to open up and share with someone who may have a similar background and understand their challenges.”
-Pearl Quarmyne, 20, Ghana

“Never give up! We are the change that the world needs. Persistence is important, because we will be able to achieve what we want as women.”
-Alejandra Santizo, 17, Guatemala

“There won’t always be someone who looks like you in the classroom. There won’t always be someone who looks like you going for the scholarship or the grant or proposing an innovation. That does not mean you shouldn’t be in that space. You deserve to be in that space.”
-Eva Lewis, 18, Chicago

“Education is not only about getting a degree or a decent job, it’s about initiating systemic change. Being educated helps me speak up for my rights and the rights of others.”
-Nirupa Katuwal, 21, Nepal

And while we’re celebrating women, don’t forget March is Women’s History Month! Celebrate the progress and accomplishments of American women with this look at trailblazers throughout history. Who knows, maybe one of your students will be the next to make history.