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[Weekly Inspiration] Motivating Students One Handshake At a Time

[Weekly Inspiration] Motivating Students One Handshake At a Time

Ever greet your class first thing in the morning and been met with glazed-over looks and mumbled responses? Do you wish you could energize your students and get them excited for a day of learning? Meet Barry White Jr, a fifth grade English teacher at Ashley Park PreK-8 school in Charlotte, North Carolina – a teacher who has changed the game of classroom greetings by creating an intricate and personalized handshake with every one of his students.

Barry believes that creating a personalized handshake with every student brings excitement and purpose to every morning. He wants each student to feel welcomed and trusted by him when they enter his classroom.

While it may not be easy for you to create a personalized handshake with every student (especially if you teach hundreds in a day), there are other ways to make your students feel welcome in your class. Whether it be asking students a personal question about a club or sport they’re involved in, or writing personalized feedback on an assignment, it’s important to make every student feel loved and supported in your classroom. How can you inspire and motivate your students this school year? Here are strategies to help your students find and maintain enthusiasm all year long!'s picture
Brita Hammer

Brita started with Edmentum in March 2018 and currently serves as a Marketing Associate. She is passionate about providing teachers resources to help their students achieve in and out of the classroom. Brita earned a B.S. in Marketing from North Dakota State University.