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[Weekly Inspiration] Recognizing Every Student’s Hard Work with Career Signing Day

[Weekly Inspiration] Recognizing Every Student’s Hard Work with Career Signing Day

Public school administrators in Henrico County hosted a “Career and Technical Letter-of-Intent Signing Day” for students starting careers after high school. Similar to an athletic signing day, the celebration featured the students meeting with reps from their future places of employment and sign letters which outlined what they would do during employment.

Mother Nature Network quotes Mac Beaton, director of Henrico Schools’ Department of Career and Technical Education saying, “Signing Day is a way of recognizing their hard work and the value of the career-preparation training they've received through Henrico Schools' Career and Technical Education program.”

Picture taken from Mother Nature Network article

Regardless of where your students go after high school, whether the go to play college football, attend an Ivy League school, or decide to start their career, they all deserve to be celebrated and congratulated on their hard work. What are some other ways you could celebrate your students?

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