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[Weekly Inspiration] Science, Comedy, & Fun Come Together on “Science with Sophie” YouTube Show

[Weekly Inspiration] Science, Comedy, & Fun Come Together on “Science with Sophie” YouTube Show

As an educator, you’re probably aware that it’s not always easy to make science fun. Scientists like Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and even the band OK Go have been able to find a balance between science, fun, and entertainment – but where are the ladies at? That’s where comedic scientist Sophia Shrand comes in.

Sophia hosts a YouTube show called “Science with Sophie”. In a recent interview with EdSurge, Sophia explained that her goal for the show is to act as a strong female science role model for her audience.  Holding degrees in both neuroscience and theater, Sophia blended her love of the two fields into one when she started the show. She remarked that “It kind of all magnetized together to create this show that is comedy and art, in addition to all the science.” Check out some of our favorite episodes from Sophia’s series below:

Sophia knows how little time many teachers have to plan fun and engaging science lessons, so she wanted to create a resource that they can use. Best part about her show? It’s aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards! Quality and engaging content that aligns to national standards? Sign us up!

For more information on Sophia, check out her YouTube channel where she posts all “Science with Sophie” videos!'s picture
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