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[Weekly Inspiration] Some Good News with John Krasinski

[Weekly Inspiration] Some Good News with John Krasinski

In times like these, we could really use some good news. Thankfully, one of America’s favorite Office co-workers, John Krasinski, is coming to our rescue with his new Youtube series Some Good News.

In the series, he discusses good news that is happening around the world by highlighting how citizens are going above and beyond to help during the COVID-19 pandemic. He includes a special shout out to all teachers switching to virtual learning saying, “We here at SGN would like to start a petition that all teachers get paid 1.71 million dollars. Per day.”

From teachers in Arkansas who went on a carpool parade to keep school spirit alive and to say hello, to the students they missed from their windows, to a Michigan principal who visited a student at work to tell her she’s valedictorian, to a South Dakota math teacher whose 6th grade student was struggling with homework, so he picked up a whiteboard, drove to her house, and helped her through the window; teachers are going above and beyond to make sure their students keep learning during shelter in place orders.

Educators are an inspiration no matter the time of year, but what teachers across the world are doing for their students in our current time of crisis goes beyond words. On behalf of everyone at Edmentum, thank you.

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