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[Weekly Inspiration] A Student's Surprise Thank You to Teacher

[Weekly Inspiration] A Student's Surprise Thank You to Teacher

When South Forsyth High School senior, Max Pacheco learned that he was accepted into his dream school, Georgia Tech, he knew he had to do something for his favorite teacher, Dr. Gloria Green, who wrote a letter of recommendation on his behalf.

So to deliver the good news, he bought a bouquet of flowers and surprised her Monday morning. A fellow student filmed her reaction, and it’s warmed the heart of twitter users everywhere.

Speaking with Good Morning America, Dr. Green, an AP Spanish teacher of 27 years, said, “I was very, very happy. It felt like it was my own child going to college, [teachers] are told to invest in the children and to always think of them with intention. I invested in my children and got yellow roses in return.”

As for Pacheco, whose first language is Spanish, told “GMA” that Green’s reaction had him tearing up, “because you can really see and feel how much she cared about me. She knew that it was my dream to go to Tech and how hard I worked for it. In [that] moment, I felt like her son or something, and it made me feel really special.”'s picture
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