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[Weekly Inspiration] Tattooed Skater Principal Transforms Struggling Schools

[Weekly Inspiration] Tattooed Skater Principal Transforms Struggling Schools

Hamish Brewer isn’t your ordinary principal. He’s got tattoos, rides his skateboard around school, and is a born motivator. His infectious and unconventional energy helped to transform Occoquan Elementary in Virginia from a low-income and immigrant school with low test scores to one of the top-performing schools in the state. Now, he’s been tasked with transforming the student population at another struggling school: Fred Lynn Middle School.

“Every decision I make comes back to whether I was better for kids today.”

Brewer hosts a large parent and community meeting to help get them involved in the changes he wants to make. “It’s so important to have buy-in from the community, because that’s what moves the needle forward.” He remarked as he greeted parents with hugs and handshakes as they walked into the building. Brewer starts the first day of school off with handshakes & high-fives, morning announcements, and classroom visits, to make his presence known to the students.

Brewer’s enthusiasm is contagious and incredible to watch. The passion he brings to his job each and every day of school is truly inspiring. He’s a great reminder that all students need an advocate and cheerleader, even in the bleakest of schools. How can you be a mentor for your students and present yourself as a positive role model in their lives?'s picture
Brita Hammer

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