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[Weekly Inspiration] A Teacher’s Act of Kindness Outside the Classroom Inspires Many

[Weekly Inspiration] A Teacher’s Act of Kindness Outside the Classroom Inspires Many

Sometimes as a teacher, you can get to know your students on a more personal level. You may learn what their home life is like, what they struggle with outside of school, and you often act as a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, and a positive role model in their lives.

When Chicago teacher LaShonda Carter learned that her 18-year-old student needed childcare for her newborn baby in order to attend a job interview, she stepped in and helped by driving the student to her interview and taking care of her baby. “If somebody needs me and I can be there, why wouldn’t I be there?” LaShonda remarked in an interview with NBC.

While waiting in the car and cuddling her student’s baby, LaShonda took to Facebook Live and asked teachers to help her in assisting students both in and out of the classroom. She wants teachers to look into their hearts, as she did, and help students who may be struggling outside of the classroom.

LaShonda’s act is inspiring and heartwarming. She took it upon herself to help a student in need and to do so selflessly. As a teacher, you have an impact on your students. It is important to be there for your students in their times of need and to help out in any way that you can. Know that it means the world to them when you step in and offer your kindness.'s picture

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