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[Weekly Inspiration] Thank an Educator Today!

[Weekly Inspiration] Thank an Educator Today!

At Edmentum, we’re lucky enough to partner with amazing educators every day. We’re thankful that we get a front-row seat to watching educators around the world motivate, inspire, and challenge their students. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we want to thank all the educators out there for their hard work, dedication, and passion!

Educators, we know you work hard to be there for your students in their times of need. Your influence changes lives. You are able to see the possibility in ever child, even before themselves. You show us what it means to take your passion and turn it into your life’s work. You have the great responsibility and pleasure of making a better tomorrow for today’s students – and we are SO grateful for your impact.

Take the time today, and every day, to thank a teacher in your life!