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[Weekly Inspiration] In Times of Crisis, You Are Our Inspiration

[Weekly Inspiration] In Times of Crisis, You Are Our Inspiration

For months, we’ve been providing you with blogs, videos, news stories, and other content from around the nation to bring some inspiration to your day. But as I write this post today, the world is very different than it was a month ago. We must rethink even the simplest activities, like where to work out or how to have a private phone call.

The challenges facing our teachers today are incredible. Instead of highlighting just one teacher or just one story, today I wanted to highlight as many of you as I can. All around us, teachers are tackling the problems of distance education with just as much passion as they tackle their classroom lessons.

These Long Island teachers arranged to drive through the neighborhoods of their students, honking and displaying signs of school pride during their trip. For many of them, it was the first chance to see their students in weeks, a needed interaction that brought happiness to their days.

Upon the news that his district would close, this Colorado teacher delivered supplies and lessons to the homes of each of his kindergarten and first grade students whose families weren’t able to collect them from their school. As he put it, “It’s definitely more about helping them feel comfortable with all of the scary society stuff that is going on right now.” 

This group of teachers in Harlem banded together with a local café to provide meals to students. “It’s really hard for us not to be able to see our families every day, and we’re worried about making sure that our students and families have what they need, so this is one way that we can kind of connect to the community and hopefully help those students, because we don’t have that face-to-face contact with them.”

In the face of uncertain times and unprecedented global difficulties, one thing remains constant: we can always trust educators to do everything in their power for their students. These stories serve as the proof of what we already know: today, inspiration comes from each and every educator like you.

We say this a lot, but today, we mean it more than ever: Educators, we could not do this without you.