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[Weekly Inspiration] Venus Williams Visits Her Favorite Teacher

[Weekly Inspiration] Venus Williams Visits Her Favorite Teacher

Have you ever thought about visiting one of your old teachers? Maybe there’s one that inspired you to be where you are today, or helped you get through a hard time. We all can think of at least one educator who has had a positive impact on our lives. We’re here to encourage you to visit and give your thanks!

Watch this heart-warming video where tennis star, Venus Williams, goes back to her elementary school to thank one of her teachers.

How cute was that? We’re not saying you need to bring a framed tennis racket or a gift if you go visit, but just the gesture of saying hi, reminiscing with him or her, and thanking them for their time they spent with you could really make their day. To give or receive such a high compliment of thanks and praise is what keeps us all going. Not only will your former teacher be thankful that you took time to visit, but you’ll feel great showing your appreciation.

Who will you be visiting this year?