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[Weekly Inspiration] In the Wake of Hurricane Florence, One Principal Steps Up

[Weekly Inspiration] In the Wake of Hurricane Florence, One Principal Steps Up

Wilmington, North Carolina Principal Krista Holland wandered through a storm shelter in Chapel Hill looking for students who may have evacuated to the shelter before Hurricane Florence had made landfall. She worried about the uncertainty most of her students were facing. Many schools have not yet reopened since the storm, as districts are still assessing the damage. Holland says, “The lack of a sense of normalcy for the kids, I think that's where my heart aches the most."

Holland decided to help give back to the shelter, where many of her students were evacuated, by donating toys and games. She sent out voice recordings to families from her school, sending love and encouragement, with a short plug for reading. She wants to demonstrate service learning to her students and believes in the value of giving and when in need, receiving. Read Holland’s full story here.

Holland’s service to her students during their time of need is a wonderful display of the selflessness that many educators and school administrators display each and every day. While we hope you never have to endure an event like Hurricane Florence, Holland’s actions are an important reminder that even the smallest acts of kindness, like sending encouragement and donating your time, can make a world of difference to students and their families.'s picture
Brita Hammer

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