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[Weekly Inspiration] Words of Wisdom from a 40-Year School Secretary

[Weekly Inspiration] Words of Wisdom from a 40-Year School Secretary

When Nila Brown joined the Anne Arundel County school system in Maryland, Jimmy Carter was president and Love Boat was still on television. At the time, she had just graduated and was just excited and proud to get to work with a district she loved. 42 years later, Nila can reflect back on having made a very big difference.

“But what I take the most pride in is my ability to help,” Brown says. “I feel important when I can help and it is important.”

The National Education Association recently profiled Nila as a part of their ongoing American Education Week festivities. Brown started her career at Arundel High School but left shortly thereafter to take a job as the secretary at Crofton Woods Elementary School.

Since joining Crofton Woods, she’s worked with numerous school leaders over the years. As she puts it, “They have all depended on me, on my memory, and on knowing what is important to the families,” she said. “And always, to every family, what’s most important is that we do an excellent job educating their children.”

Brown cares a great deal about ensuring that her school provides a top-notch education. She stays connected to the best tutors and community programs in the area. She also keeps a close watch on the school’s families; she knows every parent group, which students walk home together, and which families are friends with each other.

Several years ago, Nila was seriously injured in a car accident. She was rushed to a Baltimore hospital for treatment. The lead trauma surgeon, a parent of one of the many students to cross her path over the years, immediately recognized her and remembered the kindness she showed his son. He personally made sure that his staff took care of her, and when she recovered, he came to visit her.

“He told his staff, you get everything Mrs. Brown needs and you take excellent care of her. When I got better, he came to visit me. It showed me I was appreciated and how kindness always comes back to you. It takes my breath away just thinking about it.”

Check out the article from the NEA here, including a full interview with Nila. My favorite quote?

“Kids are kids. No matter what color they are or where they come from, a child’s heart is a child’s heart and that’s just the way it is. They have that young spirit, that innocence where they see everything as happy. That doesn’t change.”