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Why Connect? 8 Educators Reflect on their Experience at the Edmentum Educator Summit

Why Connect? 8 Educators Reflect on their Experience at the Edmentum Educator Summit

Last week, the Edmentum Educator Network hosted our third (!!!) Educator Summit event at Edmentum’s Richardson, Texas office and once again, we had So. Much. Fun.

Watching a group of twenty educators from across the country and in all kinds of different classroom and administrative roles come together over the span of just two days is a cool experience. With this Educator Summit cohort, we organized attendee-led presentations about creative approaches to implementing social emotional learning; putting trauma-informed practices into action; fostering an environment that’s truly supportive of staff members; reinforcing positive behavior management; incorporating game-based learning, entrepreneurship, student-created rubrics, and flipped classrooms; and building personal connections with every student.

Whew—that’s a lot, right?

But maybe even more valuable than these presentations were the conversations, connections and relationships this time together spurred. Our goal with the Educator Summit events has always been to provide educators with a rare opportunity to jump outside their day-to-day boxes, think big about sticky (and ubiquitous) problems, and benefit from the knowledge and support of peers. Connected, inspired, empowered educators empower students—and we hope every one of our Educator Summit attendees walked away from our two days together more empowered than they came.

Before this group parted ways, we asked them to reflect on a question that we frequently think about within the Educator Network—Why connect? Here’s what they had to say:

“To support other educators and change the system so we can invest in our students. To work towards creating a community that positively impacts the world we live in.”

-Alejandra Bartel, Grade Level Administrator/ELAR Teacher, International Leadership of Texas 

“It is important to connect because we all have similar struggles. Often, education is lonely. I didn’t feel lonely with this group.”

-Shaunta Broadway, Principal, Hutchinson Elementary, Atlanta Public Schools

“To share information and ideas, to innovate, change, and create a spark in each other.”

-Melissa Maertens, Kindergarten Teacher, Garland ISD, Texas

“I’m not in this alone. The more I can be exposed and connected to experienced educators the more I can grow, which helps me reach my ultimate goal: helping change children’s lives.”

-Kevin Torres, Social Studies & English Coach, Acceleration Academy, Washington

“To know I’m not alone in the struggle, be motivated by others’ success and continue learning.”

-Lesley De Paz, 3rd Grade Teacher, Robbinsdale Spanish Immersion, Minnesota

“You’re not alone. We all serve people. It inspires me to hear from real teachers with real students.”

-Stephanie Rothstein, Ed Tech Integration Coach and LEAD@LG Pathway Chair, Los Gatos Saratoga Union High School District, California

“Connecting with others who care deeply about kids allows us to remain focused and inspired to be leaders in our schools and communities.”

-Sara Lewis, Science Teacher, Summit Mansfield High School, Texas

“Growth and improvement doesn’t happen in isolation. This is a hard job, and it’s important to lean on and learn from others.”

-Miranda Smith, Principal, Ellicott Elementary, Colorado

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