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Why Educators Choose Study Island

Why Educators Choose Study Island

With the leaves changing from green to shades of red and brown and the air suddenly feeling a bit crisper, it’s clear that fall is here, and winter is soon approaching. And while it may feel early still, this means that many educators are beginning to think about their approach to the spring 2023 state assessments. Following a school year that revealed the tremendous amount of academic recovery needed throughout the nation, it’s clear that preparations for these summative exams needs to begin early—so where do you start?

Consider how a solid, research-based, state-aligned formative assessment tool can be at the center of a successful approach to state testing. With Study Island, it’s possible! Edmentum’s standards-based formative assessment and practice program for math, ELA, science, and social studies provides educators with the tools and data needed to administer state-aligned practice, see where every student stands, and assign the practice students need to get ahead.

Study Island can help ensure that all students develop mastery of grade-level content for success on state assessments and beyond. Need more convincing that you need to add Study Island to your classroom plans? Check out what these educators had to say about why they love the program:

Study Island is aligned with state standards and is a staple when it comes to preparing for state exams.

[Study Island] is a great way to prepare by reviewing/practicing previous topics learned throughout the school year or frontloading topics yet to be learned before the state testing.”

Elementary Teacher, Vienna, OH


“I love how the program is aligned with the Georgia standards (GSE) for each subject. We also love that the tools and question styles are like the tools and enhancements experienced during testing.”

Elementary Teacher, Calhoun, GA,


“I love that the lessons for science are aligned to our North Carolina Standard Course of Study and that they provide rigorous questions for students to practice with.”

Elementary Teacher, Holly Springs, NC


“I love Study Island, as it prepares my students for the questions they get in high-stakes testing. I feel this prepares my students, better than anything else, for springtime when they have to take ISTEP. They feel more comfortable with the language that is used and the types of questions that are on the ISTEP.”

Middle School Teacher, Highland, IN


Study Island encourages student motivation and engagement with Group Sessions, game-based activities, and Blue Ribbons.

“I love that each standard / topic has a review and gaming component to keep students engaged in their learning.”

Middle School Teacher, Selma, IN


“I have really enjoyed using the Group [Sessions] mode this year! It has really helped me to gamify what we are learning. I use the opportunity to model good test taking strategies.”

Elementary Teacher, Douglas, AZ


“As a whole, we love the ability to do Group Sessions and games the most. The challenge and race Group Sessions provide a way for students to be competitive, which is always fun in middle school and allows me to engage with their learning in a more interactive and fun way.”

Elementary Teacher, Chaumont, NY


“Our favorite is definitely the Group Sessions—especially the race mode! They love earning the certificates at the end. I've even put them in teams. My stronger math students are on Team A, and my students that need a little more time are Team B. I do it this way so that my students that need a bit more time to compute have the chance to win certificates too! They so appreciate this—and beg to play every day! I've now incorporated a Study Island Race to conclude our day!”

 Middle School Teacher, Orlando, FL


“I like the Blue Ribbons when the students have mastered a topic because it gives them something to try for. Also, the game mode is fun—it makes them want to do it.”

Elementary Teacher, Harrisburg, PA


“My students absolutely love earning Blue Ribbons! They love to see that number increase! We have a running Blue Ribbon chart in our classroom, and it is a huge motivator for my students.”

Elementary Teacher, Roscoe, IL


Planning individualized instruction is easy with Study Island’s robust reporting features and immediate feedback.

“I also like that there are so many different reports that I can run to see where my students are and that I can assign lessons based on standards that they have not mastered yet.”

Elementary Teacher, Holly Springs, NC


“For teaching, it is very user-friendly, and I have the ability to export the information I need in order to see where each student is improving or needs more work.”

Middle School Teacher, Imperial, PA


“The data I receive is instrumental in driving my instruction. I use personalized learning in my classroom, and I am always using Study Island scores to meet the needs of my students.”

Elementary Teacher, Boston, MA


“My students and I love the ease of designing individual instruction to match the needs of the learner. We utilize the option to provide remediation, instruction, and enrichment.”

Elementary Teacher, New Concord, OH


“I was originally thinking this would be a daunting task for me to check in with the students, but it has been incredibly easy! I love how I can not only see how all of my classes did on any particular benchmark, but I can also click on individual students and walk them through which benchmarks they have completed and which ones they may want to use the lesson and flash cards provided to help them for before doing a second or third attempt.”

Elementary Teacher, Glenwood, IL


“I LOVE Study Island!!!! The data I receive is instrumental in driving my instruction. I use personalized learning in my classroom, and I am always using Study Island scores to meet the needs of my students.”

Middle School Teacher, Boston, MA


Study Island also makes lesson planning a breeze with the ability to assign topics to individual students or the whole class.

“It is easy to assign a topic to the entire class. The reports make it easy to see the student's progress.”

Elementary Teacher, Swiftwater, PA


“I can very easily assign tasks to students that have to go virtual, or if I am out, it is an easy tool to use for assignments. The students are able to refer back to the lessons if they get stuck and do not have access to the teacher.”

Middle School Teacher, Rochester, MN

Educators have a lot of love for Study Island! Interested in learning more about how our standards-based formative assessment and practice program could be just what your assessment strategy needs this school year? Check out our blog post highlighting a year-long formative assessment strategy with Study Island!

If you don’t currently have Study Island but want to experience what some of these educators have shared, sign up for a free trial today!

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