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[Workbook] Guide to Digital Curriculum Toolkit

[Workbook] Guide to Digital Curriculum Toolkit

The expectations of teachers to be responsive to individual student needs all while maintaining the latest in standards alignment, updating curriculum resources, and adapting to changing needs of learners seems like an arduous task. Research has shown that the strength of connectivity between a teacher and student has a direct correlation to student success inside and outside of the classroom. At Edmentum, we want to be your partner in creating opportunities for you to leverage online curriculum to save you time and make one-to-one student engagement a reality.

This workbook will expand your definition of online curriculum, highlight student and teacher views of implementations, and provide opportunities to help you identify the best learning environment for your school or district.

Download our FREE guide today and you’ll learn more about:

  1. Online Curriculum
  2. Using online curriculum from a student and teacher’s point of view
  3. Best practices
  4. How to identify a true partner
  5. Matching technology to specific needs
  6. How Edmentum programs can help provide an ideal online curriculum partnership

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