[ACTE Vision 2015] Nine Takeaways from the Edmentum Team

Jasmine Auger

We had a great experience talking all things Career and Technical Education at ACTE Vision 2015! Here, we've compiled nine of the most meaningful takeaways that the Edmentum team gathered from the conference.

Winter Solstice: FREE Classroom Resources!

Madison Michell

The Winter Solstice on December 21st marks the official start of the winter season. Check out our free Winter Solstice Toolkit from EducationCity to help discuss the scientific impacts of this seasonal shift with your students!

[Credit Recovery] Six Best Practices in Designing Programs

Sarah Cornelius

How can you design a credit recovery program to meet the unique needs of your student population? We’ve compiled these six best-practice tips to help you and your students achieve success.

Graduation Rates & Credit Recovery: By the Numbers

Shane Dennison

In this post, we will look at where the statistics regarding graduation rates in our country actually stand, why this issue needs to remain a priority, and the current role of credit recovery programs.

Is Congress Really on the Verge of ESEA Reauthorization?

Dave Adams

Our Chief Academic Officer, Dave Adams, takes a close look at what exactly ESEA is, why it’s important, and what its future may hold.

[Edtech Evaluation] 5 Qualities to Look for in a Provider

Darin Rasmussen

New web-based educational technology is being created at an impressive rate. How can you find the solution that best fits your school or district's needs? Here are five best practices to look for in any edtech provider.

Engaging Students over the Holidays with Classroom Incentives

Stephanie Abbott

A rewards system can help you keep students motivated and engaged amidst the distractions of the holiday season. Here are three tips for developing an effective one in your classroom.

Little-Known Facts about Thanksgiving

Scott Sterling

Check out this list of interesting facts to help celebrate Thanksgiving in your classroom!

Five Tips to Keep Your Child Learning Over the Holidays

Ashlee Tatum

How can you ensure your child stays engaged in learning over the busy holiday season? We've put together five ideas for parents to try at home!

Trending Issues in Special Education, Part 5: Helping Students Take Ownership in the IEP Process

Winnie O'Leary

To close out our series on special education, we're taking a closer look at the IEP process and strategies to encourage students to be involved.

Trending Issues in Special Education, Part 4: Crowdfunding Tips and Websites

Winnie O'Leary

In part four of this series, we're focusing on how crowdfunding strategies can be used to fund a variety of instructional tools, resources, and initiatives in special education classrooms.