Flip Your Classroom in 6 Simple Steps

Regina Waddell

Flipping your classroom is a great strategy to help personalize learning and provide more one-on-one time for your students. And, it doesn’t have to be time consuming or complicated! Follow these six easy steps, and you’ll be up and running in no time.

4 Steps to Using Your Students’ Assessment Data to Promote Growth

Krystal Smith

“Assessment” can feel like a dirty word for educators, but if you embrace it, the data that assessments provide can be used as a powerful tool you can use to promote the kind of growth you and your students want and expect to see.

4 Tips for Parents to Manage Your Child’s Screen Time

Elaine Ho

As technology becomes more all-encompassing, screen time becomes less about pure entertainment and more of a necessity. Here are four tips for parents to help your child build healthy media consumption habits.

[Program Update] Check Out What’s New in Study Island for the 2017-18 School Year

Hugh O'Donovan

We heard your feedback, and now we're excited to announce updates to Study Island, including integration of the Built Tests and Group Sessions features, a new student dashboard, and a revised approach to cumulative scoring!

DIY Projects You Have to Try If You Teach Elementary School

McKenna Wierman

What teacher doesn’t love scrolling through Pinterest for awesome lesson ideas, classroom decoration inspiration, organizational tips, and everything in between?

5 Ways EdOptions Academy Provides Flexible Paths to Graduation

Sarah Cornelius

Edmentum’s EdOptions Academy provides students with a personalized and flexible alternative path to the ever-so crucial high school diploma, while offering the same caliber of quality instruction and standards alignment of traditional classrooms.

How to Apply Futurism in Education

Scott Sterling

Futurism is the systematic practice of trying to predict the future. Applying the concept in the classroom can help create forward-thinking students poised for success in the careers of tomorrow.

Meeting the Challenge of Intervention: 3 Must-Have Features to Look for in Technology

Chris Bolyard

Advances in instructional technology are giving educators stronger and more reliable tools to meet the growing challenge of providing effective interventions for diverse student populations. We're continuing our series by discussing key tech features to look for.

4 Tips for Instructors to Support Adult English Language Learners

Chloe Roberts

The varied experiences, backgrounds, and needs of adult English language learners can pose a challenge for educators when it comes to lesson planning and finding effective instructional approaches. Here are four tips to help you address these challenges and equip your learners for success in the classroom and beyond.

[Feature Focus] EducationCity Learn Screens

Madison Michell

As an educator, do weekends during the school year start to look a little like this

Lesson Planning, Grading Systems, and More: Teachers’ Ultimate Guide to Revamp Your Classroom Processes

Sarah Cornelius

The new school year is a time for fresh starts—so why not take the opportunity to rethink some of the day-to-day logistics of your classroom? We've got ideas to get you inspired!


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