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Edmentum and the iNACOL Standards for Online Learning

The iNACOL standards for online learning have become the yardstick that K-12 schools across the country use to evaluate online materials. At Edmentum, we're committed to meeting and exceeding those standards in all of our courses.

Plato CTE Courseware & the Health Sciences Career Cluster

The Health Sciences are among the fastest-growing of the 16 Advance CTE Career Clusters. Learn how you can help your students explore this exciting field with online CTE courses from Edmentum!

STEM and Edmentum’s Science Curriculum

Edmentum's new science courses thoughtfully incorporate STEM goals and methods into lessons, learning activities, and assessments to help students relate their learning experiences to the multidisciplinary reality of real-world problems and careers.

Plato CTE Courseware & The Information Technology Career Cluster

Most states organize their Career Technical Education (CTE) standards based on the NASDCTEc's 16 Career Clusters. In this post, we'll look at the IT cluster, which holds a central role in many CTE programs.

[Middle School ELA Courses] The Design Process and New Features

In the fall of 2014, the Plato Courseware team started working on a brand-new series of courses for middle school English. They needed to dig into what strategies, tactics, features, voice, etc., work most effectively to engage middle school students, especially in English language arts (ELA).

The Plato Courseware CTE Library 2015

Although education has several key goals, most of us agree that K–12 education should help prepare students to be college and career ready. States are adopting revamped Career Technical Education (CTE) to ensure that students have access to rigorous, relevant, courses that will prepare them for both post-secondary education and the workforce.

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