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[Summer Planning] Tips for Time Management in the Classroom

Teacher's daily schedules are filled with lots of competing demands on their time. We've put together a few of our best classroom time management strategies to help you make the most of your school days!

Plato Courseware Year in Review: Enhancing Educator Experiences

Building relationships in any learning environment is critical. Our Plato Courseware online courses include a number of features and tools that support educators as they work to build those important relationships with their students.

Plato Courseware Year in Review: Enhancing Learner Experiences

We know that technology plays a big role in helping maximize opportunities for learning, both inside and out of the classroom.  Edmentum's modern digital curriculum provides the tools to support the exceptional work that teachers do each and every day.

[Plato Courseware] Teacher Graded Activities and the Value of Real-Time Feedback

Edmentum's new Teacher Graded Activities is a tool help facilitate effective communication between students and instructors within Plato Courseware by providing an opportunity for students to submit work and receive direct feedback prior to finalization.

[Plato Courseware Feature Focus] Highlight This, Flex That!

We're excited to announce that our new student highlighter tool is now available in Plato Courseware, as well as several enhancements to Flex Assignments!

“Relationships Trump Substance”: Customization Features in Edmentum Courseware to Help Educators Build Relationships

Online courses from Edmentum and Plato Courseware include a variety of features to support course customization and accommodations tailored to meet individual learners' needs.

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