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6 Strategies to Incorporate Social and Emotional Learning in the Classroom

Teaching with an SEL lens focuses on instructing students in how to deal with their emotions, manage relationships, and effectively work independently and with others.

5 Tips and Tricks for a Fabulous Flipped Classroom

The concept of flipped classrooms certainly takes some time to get used to, but the benefits for your students make this switch well worth the effort.

[Student Engagement] 5 Strategies to Make Brain Breaks Work in the Classroom

Research has shown that when students are led in quick physical activity exercises every 25-30 or so minutes, their brain activity actually increases. These 1-3 minute exercises, or brain breaks, are easy to implement in practically any classroom setting!

4 Key Elements of 21st Century Classroom Design

There are lots of great ideas to break out of the traditional classroom design mold and create a space that supports personalized learning and fosters 21st century skills.

5 Ways to Use Formative Assessment Data to Guide Learning

Using the data you gather during your formative assessments means being intentional about planning what actions you will take to make sure that your instruction is matching students’ needs.

5 Tips to Develop a Growth Mindset in Your Classroom

Individuals with a growth mindset, who believe that intelligence is like a muscle which can be developed and strengthened over time, tend to embrace challenges, persevere, and generally achieve higher rates of overall success than those with a fixed mindset.

5 Unique Ways to Formatively Assess Your Class

Check out these creative formative assessment strategies that enable teachers to receive feedback from their class and quickly modify lesson plans and teaching methods in response to the data they collect.

[Announcing Our Winners] Edmentum’s Inspirational Educators of the Year

We're excited to announce the three winners of our inaugural Inspirational Educator Award: Tami Calloway, Susan Featro, and Karen Lakes!

Teachers’ Guide to Back-to-School Savings

We know that funds can get tight for teachers as you try to get your classrooms and yourselves ready for a new school year. Check out these simple tips and tricks to help you save money as you embark on your back-to-school shopping spree!

[Announcing Our Winner] Edmentum’s Teacher of the Year

We are excited to announce our Teacher of the Year, Carmen Kilburn!

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