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ESSA, Accountability, and Personalized Learning: Implementing Response to Intervention at the High School Level

Response to intervention (RTI) is a skills-based, growth- and mastery-focused approach that has been used in elementary schools for a long time. With implementation of ESSA, it’s also an approach that high schools will likely be expected to adopt much more frequently.

IDEA, IEPs, Co-Teaching Strategies, and More: The Teachers’ Ultimate Guide to Trends in Special Education

Special education—it’s a broad and incredibly complex topic. And any educator who has worked in the field will tell you, every special education program and each student enrolled in them is entirely unique. While this certainly leads to some challenges, working in special education can also be incredibly fulfilling.

Teachers’ Influence on the Edtech Purchasing Process: 5 Features to Look for in a Personalized Learning Solution

We've put together the top five features that make personalized learning technology truly effective in the classroom - and that will get the attention of administrators making the final purchasing decisions.

Five Trending Issues in Special Education

Given the constantly evolving landscape of special education, there needs to be ongoing conversation on the topic between a broad range of experts, educators, parents, and students. With the hope of inspiring some of this important conversation, we've compiled a list of five trending issues in special education that have been top of mind at Edmentum.

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