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[Learning to Read] Using Digital Tools Within the UDL Framework

Most teachers of little ones understand that teaching elementary children often involves walking a narrow line between exploration and total chaos. Walking that line often means navigating and eliminating as many obstacles to learning as possible, taking care to identify gaps quickly so that no one gets left behind. This is best supported by a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) curriculum with embedded provisions, including technology.

ESSA, Accountability, and Personalized Learning: Implementing Response to Intervention at the High School Level

Response to intervention (RTI) is a skills-based, growth- and mastery-focused approach that has been used in elementary schools for a long time. With implementation of ESSA, it’s also an approach that high schools will likely be expected to adopt much more frequently.

IDEA, IEPs, Co-Teaching Strategies, and More: The Teachers’ Ultimate Guide to Trends in Special Education

Special education—it’s a broad and incredibly complex topic. And any educator who has worked in the field will tell you, every special education program and each student enrolled in them is entirely unique. While this certainly leads to some challenges, working in special education can also be incredibly fulfilling.

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