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Monitor Progress and Guide Data-Driven Decision Making with Study Island Reporting

Friday, March 22, 2013 -- Ashlee Tatum-Eckley

Streamlined progress monitoring is an essential element to effective district - and building-level management. Administrators need an effective tool from which they can oversee progress across buildings, grade levels, or individual student demographics.

Study Island provides administrators and teachers with a variety of reports that can be customized to their specific needs. Our detailed reports provide valuable data on school activity and progress, overall student performance, and disaggregated benchmark data. Many of our reports can be pulled across multiple dimensions, and are easily exported to Excel.

Our district-level reports ensure that administrators have the district-wide information needed to guide data driven-decision making, provide efficient student, grade-level, personnel, and district-wide support, and implement swift and effective interventions.

Our detailed, real-time building-level reports provide valuable data that will help educators efficiently monitor student, class, and school-wide progress, identify areas needing additional practice, and individualize instruction based on student needs.