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11 Jimmy Fallon Gifs that Sum up your Back-to-School Thoughts

11 Jimmy Fallon Gifs that Sum up your Back-to-School Thoughts

The glow of summer is fading and you’re finding yourself back in school halls ready to welcome in new students and get this new school year started off right. You planned and you organized (and reorganized) in anticipation for this and now it’s time. In honor of back-to-school season, here are 11 Jimmy Fallon gifs that sum up your back to school thoughts.  

When you haven't seen your teacher BFFs all summer long and now everyone's back.

When your teacher colleagues ask you if you did anything fun this summer.

When you're retelling the story of how you went to Target with a list, but you still ended up getting more dollar spot school supplies anyway.

When you overhear: "Someone brought snacks and left them in the teacher's lounge."

When you made your coffee a little too strong in anticipation of a long school day and now you've got the caffeine jitters.

When the halls are packed because nobody remembers where their new classes are yet. 

When you ask class groups to write on the (recently cleaned) whiteboard, but you see them picking up a permanent marker.

When you need to vent to your teacher BFF to get some quick emotional support during your planning period.

When you're at a lunch and learn meeting and are debating whether you should get seconds (yes, the answer is yes).

When you ask a recap question to the class and they all answer the correct answer in unison.

When your class says something hilarious that reminds you that being a teacher has its rewarding moments.

There’s plenty of new adventures waiting for you as you return to school and get settled into your new routine. Good luck, have fun, and we hope you get to experience endless rewarding moments this new school year.

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