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12 Gifs to Help You Catch that Ted Lasso Optimism

12 Gifs to Help You Catch that Ted Lasso Optimism

Over this last year so many of us fell hard for the lovable American football turned AFC Richmond coach from Wichita, Kansas, in the Apple+ show Ted Lasso. In the face of the challenges that come with every school year, let these reminders from the ever-hopeful character played by Jason Sudeikis be your reminder to look for the silver linings and dig deep for that positive attitude. You are a light for the students you serve—don’t forget it!

1. Consider starting your day with a little extra pizzazz.

2. Make connections with your students memorable.

3. Prioritize your students (and your own) mental health.

4. Recognize you’re never too old to stop learning.

5. Stay true to yourself and your teaching style—it’s enough!

6. Embrace a growth mindset.

7. Remember praise is a powerful engagement tool.

8. Celebrate wins, both big and small.

9. Find yourself a supportive group of friends to pick you up after a long day.

10. Remember that joy is contagious.

11. Keep believing in what’s possible with the power of dedicated teachers who care!

12. Get ready to take on the new year like a boss!

Now go out there and be the best teacher you can be!


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