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19 Fab Five Gifs that Teachers Can Relate to During Testing Season

19 Fab Five Gifs that Teachers Can Relate to During Testing Season

No matter where in the country or what grade level you teach, one thing remains consistent for teachers across the country this time of year: the slow, anxious build of testing season. Spring is right around the corner, which means high-stakes testing is approaching for many students, and with that comes lots of preparation. For teachers, this can mean a rollercoaster of emotions – from the stress of ensuring that each student is prepared to put their best foot forward to the overwhelming pride felt when students ace the test.

To help process the many emotions that come with high-stakes assessment season, we’ve rounded up 19 gifts courtesy of Queer Eye’s “Fab Five” that every educator can relate to!

When you come into testing season with high hopes and an open mind:


But then the data from the practice exam comes back, and you’ve got a littttle more review to do than you planned:

But, you want your students to know that you’re there for them and practice WILL make perfect!

So you motivate yourself to be your student’s biggest cheerleader:

And make sure they know how awesome they are:

On the days where you feel like you’re barely holding it all together:

When your exhausted and your own routines get put on the backburner …

You remind yourself it’s ok to have bad days…and get yourself a little treat:

Because you know this is all a part of the testing season journey:

And just when you’re feeling like you’re at your wit’s end:

The student that struggles to put in effort, comes to you for tutoring:

And starts making major progress on their practice exams!

Which reignites your motivation to keep pushing through!

So when test day arrives, you ease your students testing anxieties:

Even though you’re freaking out a little on the inside:

So you put all the good energy out into the world and manifest those rockin’ scores!

So when the test results finally come out and you scramble to read the scores:

And your students do even better than you imagined:

You do a little happy dance with them because in the end, it was ALL worth it:

Keep up the great work, teachers! We hope these gifs provided you with a brief break and a good laugh. Thank you for all that you do throughout the entire school year! For resources to support your testing season preparation strategies, check out our new Test Prep Toolkit.

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