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[Ask an Educator] 20 Teachers Share Their 2021 Resolutions

[Ask an Educator] 20 Teachers Share Their 2021 Resolutions

2021 has finally arrived, and many educators are busy thinking up new and creative ways to make the rest of the school year better than ever. Last month, we turned to our amazing network of educators on Facebook and asked you to tell us: As an educator, what are your top goals for 2021? What are some resolutions you are making for your classroom and your professional development in the coming year?

 Here are a few of our favorite answers:

  1. “My resolution for both my classroom and my professional development is to continue keeping the main thing the main thing! Children are my top priority. Their overall well-being lies in my hands. Continuing to inspire and motivate each of them to be the best person they can be both in and out of the classroom is crucial and my staying current and up-to-date on the trends in education can aid in my success overall.”
    -Karen A.

  2. “My goal as a special education teacher is to try to get my second graders to learn their sight words. They finally just mastered their letter sounds, which we celebrated today, and now we are going to be working on sight words this new year. Another “top goal” of mine is for my students to feel loved. I work in the inner city, and since working in a remote learning setting, I have really learned how hard life is for some of my students and families. My students come to school as their “safe place” and it’s so sad that they can’t do that right now. So I would like to still show them how much we care about them still. I do go to their houses and drop off presents here and there, which I know they love and get so excited about. I would also like my students to become more confident in their work. A lot of the time they are saying “I can’t do “, or “I don’t know Ms. Epstein”, because of learned helplessness. I want to try to encourage them more and to help them change their growth mindset so that they feel more confident about being able to do things.”
    Lindsay E.

  3. “Goals for 2021 are create new projects for students in the classroom. I want to use insights to guide a project that the students are interested in.”
    Chris D.

  4. “To make more authentic connections with my students. I also hope to continue to learn new ways to use technology as a support system in my classroom!”
    Grant W.

  5. “My goal for 2021 is to continue to learn more and more about the virtual techniques and resources that are available. I want to find meaningful PD opportunities that fit my needs in the classroom. My students are so resilient and I want to match their energy and flexibility as we move forward! Connecting with students has definitely been different this year but still just as rewarding.”
    Korrin B.

  6. “My top goals for 2021 include using technology to further engage students during in-person instruction and fundraising to buy a fleet of strider bikes for my kinders! My resolution is to learn more about social/emotional health, so that I can teach strategies to students and also to take care of my own mental health.”
    - Rachel V.

  7. “My educational resolution for the new year is to acquire more technology-based knowledge to use in my classroom. I’m an elementary band teacher at a Title 1 school in upstate New York. Teaching band in a “normal” year is very hands on with little to no technology use. This year everything I do requires the use of technology (online virtual lessons). Acquiring more technology-based knowledge and skills will allow me to be a better teacher for my young musicians! I also hope to use what I’ve learned not only this school year but, in the future as well to meet the needs of all my students!”
    - Heather L.

  8. “I'm constantly trying ways to make sure every assignment or task I assign is meaningful and impactful - especially as we are fully remote. I'm trying it incorporate social justice and anti-racist work into my lessons through discussions, readings, etc. I am also focusing on their social emotional learning - and am trying to make that a priority as well. For the new year, I want to continue to create a great online class community to the best of my ability and increase student engagement so I'm constantly learning about and/or teaching myself new tech things to help me make my teaching better so that they're learning is more meaningful.”
    - Megan S.

  9. “My #1 goal is to complete my master’s degree that I have been postponing for years. I am resolving to just work with students where they are and help then to each grow as much as possible in the time I have with them.”
    - Vanessa S.

  10. “As an educator my goals for the new year within my classroom is to continue working on improving my ability to engage all learners in a hybrid setting. My goal for professional development is to apply these new digital tools in the traditional classroom setting to help improve differentiated options for assessing students.”
    - Maureen B.

  11. “My top goals are to continue to make connections with my students, strengthen them as learners, and come up with more creative ways to make learning fun! #EducatorFirst
    - Torrie M.

  12. “My goals for 2021 include making and sticking to boundaries (close the computer at xxx PM, do not open computer over the weekend, 'there are no emergencies in education,' etc.), this spring formulate a plan for advancing/enhancing my teaching career (National Board certificaton? Learn Spanish? Additional education?), and to better streamline the work I am already doing (improved grading spreadsheet, identify/learn tools/curriculum for students, etc.), and find more ways/opportunities to communicate with parents and students (website? Clever home page?)!”
    - Patricia O.

  13. “I plan on giving myself more grace along with my students. I need to remember that they are still kids and need time to just BE kids. I also need to remember to not be so hard on myself and that what I'm doing and giving is enough.”
    - Sara C.

  14. “My top goals for 2021 is to establish a better teacher/home life balance. To be able to not stretch myself thin and yet still go above and beyond for my students. I will actually use and follow the schedules I set weekly. My resolutions for the classroom and professionally is to incorporate more technology into my lessons, teaching my students how to use technology to help make their lives easier and different ways technology can be used to improve their daily living and socialization goals.”
    - Dannyelle M.

  15. As a special education teacher, my goals always center around my students. Goal 1 is to continue to improve the quality and defensibility of the IEPs that I write for my students. Goal 2 is to break through some of these shells that my students still have up. I think that the virtual environment has helped me to bond with the kids that already knew me, but my new students still don't want to open up, and it's hurting their ability to access their support through me.”
    - Christa G.

  16. Remote learning has been incredibly stressful, not just for our scholars, but for teachers who have young ones at home, and thus grace is needed more than ever in this season and in our upcoming year. One of my goals as an educator, is to be able to streamline meaningful student work/projects, that gives them the opportunity to take a breathe of fresh air while also maintaining the rigorous expectation required of them. As a math educator, I also want to dedicate a day for office hours where students can simply "Chat with Ms. A about Anything." A much needed space where we are not just discussing the slope of a tangent line. In a season where everything has become unpredictable, I want my students to know that, they can always "Chat with Ms. A"”
    - Josephine A.

  17. “I'm going to try to be committed to contacting one parent per day in 2021. I need to add more to each kid's arsenal. They need more supporters/cheerleaders/disciplinarians etc. I also am glad to now have Chromebooks for each kid.”
    - Jill E.

  18. “My goals for 2021 are to continue to find ways to keep my fifth grade science students engaged! Of course hands on activities are best, but my students really love the Study Island Group Sessions. I’m working on setting up a “store” in my classroom that they can earn prizes from by banking points and accomplishments within Study Island.”
    - Jeri J.

  19. “My top goals for 2021 are to really understand each student and maximize their online and in-class learning experience. As a special education teacher, it’s important that I individualize each student’s education. A resolution I am making for my classroom is to find new online resources for my at-home students. I also want to find PD opportunities that teach me how to do this!”
    - Aleesa P.

  20. “My goal is to continue to work towards using the new digital tools we have been given this year to meet the needs of the diverse group of students I am teaching this year. Also remembering the situation that we are in and focusing on the connections I am making with my students that help their overall health and well-being.”
    - Beth B.

Here’s to a new year, and new opportunities to grow and to learn in 2021! Looking for fresh, new ideas to kick off the new year? Be sure to subscribe to our blog for daily updates!