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5 Educational Thought Leaders You Should Be Following on Twitter

5 Educational Thought Leaders You Should Be Following on Twitter

In the world of education on social media, things are constantly changing, sometimes overnight. How can you keep up with all of the changes in education without reading the news for hours a day? You’re probably already using Twitter, so follow some thought leaders to keep your mind sharp and up to date! Keeping up with these leaders means that you’ll be served bite-sized pieces of information and education news on a daily basis. Here are five of our favorite thought leaders on Twitter:

Jennifer Gonzalez, @CultOfPedagogy

Jennifer is a former teacher and creator of the popular blog, Cult of Pedagogy. After working as a teacher at both the high school and university level, she felt stifled when it came to sharing her thoughts and feelings about teaching as a whole. She created her Twitter profile and blog to serve as places where teachers can share their struggles and support each other toward excellence.

Why you should follow Jennifer: Cult of Pedagogy is a fantastic resource for teachers who are looking to connect with other educators. Jennifer writes from an often-candid perspective and sheds some light into issues that many teachers face, featuring fascinating interviews and in-depth blog posts with her wisdom.

Amy Fast, Ed.D., @FastCrayon

Amy Fast is a teacher, instructional coach, professional developer, and education leader at her school district in Oregon. Amy posts a variety of thought-provoking questions, tips, and advice for teachers. She hopes to help teachers, principals, and district leaders reach their full potential with her posts.

Why you should follow Amy: Amy’s posts are capable of motivating, inspiring, and putting some pep in your step. She often shares touching and heartwarming stories about her students and her own children. Her posts are sure to make you smile and approach your day with a bit more positivity.

Alice Keeler, @AliceKeeler

Alice Keeler is a leading expert in edtech integration. She has worked as an author, speaker, consultant, and a Google Certified Educator. She believes that technology should improve learning through developing interactions, improving feedback, increasing relevance, and facilitating a student-centered classroom. She posts a variety of research papers, education news articles, general education technology tips, and professional development resources.

Why you should follow Alice: If you’re a tech-savvy educator looking to stay on trend, Alice is your key to staying in the loop. She often posts lessons from her blog sharing different features of Google Classroom, which are short and easy to follow.

Danny Steele @SteeleThoughts

Danny Steele has been an educator for over 25 years and has served as a principal for the last 5 years. He writes a personal blog, Steele Thoughts, detailing his thoughts behind students, teachers, school culture, leadership, and public education. He often posts inspirational and motivating stories of the students and teachers that he works with on a daily basis.

Why you should follow Danny: Danny has a multitude of experience when it comes to leading a school. His posts are thought-provoking and sure to get you thinking about your own school. His touching stories will make you tear up (and smile!).

Jimmy Casas @Casas_Jimmy

Jimmy Casas is the CEO and president of J Casas and Associates, an educational leadership company aimed at serving teachers, principals, and superintendents in school districts across the country by providing high-quality, practical, and meaningful coaching support. After serving 22 years as a school leader, he turned to the private sector to share his coaching support with the rest of the country.

Why you should follow Jimmy: Jimmy shares his travels and speaking engagements frequently on Instagram, which are fun to see. You can feel the passion in his posts as he talks about the different people, schools, and communities that he meets.

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