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5 Ways to Keep Students Learning this Summer Using Reading Eggs

5 Ways to Keep Students Learning this Summer Using Reading Eggs

As an elementary educator, you understand how critical foundational literacy skills are. Together, phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension serve as the bedrock for future academic success across all subjects. Rather than see some of that hard-earned literacy learning slip away over the summer, you can employ technology tools to support learning even when school doors have closed for the break.

Edmentum’s elementary classroom solutions, Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress, provide a rich online experience that can be enjoyed by students anytime, anywhere. Here, we’ll take a look at five ways your students can use these learn-to-read solutions throughout summer vacation.

1. Create Scaffolded Experiences

Every student’s learning journey looks different. With this in mind, Reading Eggs uses a short placement test to determine where each student should begin working. Encourage your learners to continue along their individualized learning pathways during the summer months to help prepare them for the next school year. In these scaffolded activities, found in the My Lessons area, students build new vocabulary, reinforce phonics, and test their comprehension and fluency using authentic texts. This incremental approach to learning creates a positive environment where even your youngest learners can excel independently.

2. Explore New Interests

Summer is a time for discovery and adventure. Help your students take what they learned in the classroom during the school year and apply it to cultivating new interests. In the Reading Eggspress Library, over 2,000 titles offer a completely online reading experience for students in pre-K through 6th grade. Whether it’s sports, world history, animals, science fiction, or health that sparks your students’ interests, this comprehensive e-library holds titles that cover these topics and many more. By cracking a book (even the digital kind), a rich world is revealed that inspires students to expand their knowledge and imagination.

3. Focus on Fun

Sometimes, getting students to focus on learning during the summer can feel like pulling teeth. What better way to get them engaged than by turning education into a game? Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress incorporate exciting gamification features associated with every learning task to keep students motivated. While they’re adding to their bank of redeemable Golden Eggs over the summer, remind students to also visit fun and competitive areas such as Puzzle Park and the Arcade in Reading Eggs or the Stadium in Reading Eggspress!

4. Keep Parents Involved

One of the best ways to keep students reading is by reading with or to them. When you’re no longer there to lead daily read alouds with your students, encourage parents to step in. Once logged in to their child’s account, parents can launch a book just above their child’s reading level for a shared reading experience. This is an excellent opportunity for adults to model proper fluency, including phrasing and expression. After reading, encourage parents to spend a few minutes talking about what they just read with questions such as:

  • What were the characters and setting?
  • What was the conflict?
  • Why do you think this happened?
  • What was the main idea of the story?

5. Offer Offline Options

When technology is inaccessible, offline resources can come to the rescue! Reading Eggs offers a wide variety of offline Teaching Resources, including phonics and spelling activities, grammar lessons, and writing prompts. Assemble a series of printables that are just right for your class, and when the final bell rings, students will be armed with reading materials and literacy practice for the summer.

As you’re sorting through the Teaching Resources area, be sure to take a closer look at the Reading Eggs online textbook ”Targeting English.” Each unit incorporates a reading passage as well as associated questions and activities for a comprehensive packet dedicated to literacy skills.

Make sure that your students know how to log in to Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress from home! You can print student logins at any time, straight from your teacher portal. Simply select “Manage Class” from the teacher dashboard and scroll to the bottom of the page. Here, you will find a link to print “Login Details,” which will create a series of small login cards. Beneath that, you also have the option to print a “Parent Letter,” which will populate each student’s credentials paired with login instructions. Your students will be set to continue building literacy skills all summer long!

Want to learn more about Edmentum’s online solutions to support elementary teachers and learners both inside and outside of the classroom? Find out more about Summer Learning with EducationCity and Reading Eggs!

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