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5 Ways to Use Apex Learning Tutorials This Summer

5 Ways to Use Apex Learning Tutorials This Summer

How are you reimagining what summer learning entails this year as pandemic-exacerbated gaps persist? More than traditional remediation of failed courses, many district leaders strive to meet a wide range of student learning needs, including options to accelerate students to on-grade learning, remediate gaps in prerequisite knowledge needed for success in upcoming grade levels, and prepare for college entrance exams.

In this post, we will look at five ways Apex Learning Tutorials by Edmentum, our 6–12 modular instruction and targeted remediation program, can help meet these summer learning goals.

Accelerate Learning

We know that pandemic-impacted learning means many students are demonstrating gaps in the prerequisite skills they need to access next-grade content and we know these students would benefit from extra help. So that these gaps do not become barriers to grade-level material, let’s consider how to accelerate learning. Students who receive individualized prerequisite skill remediation applied to on-grade content using Tutorials have shown great success with accelerating learning in middle school and high school.

Middle school Tutorials and high school Tutorials align to this model, identifying each student's readiness for grade-level skill, standard, or test objective, and providing targeted remediation which is immediately applied to on-grade instruction to close gaps and allow students to access grade-level content with individualized supports.

Tutorials adjust to meet each student’s needs with an intentional design that includes assessment, remediation, and on-grade instruction—all with embedded support. The “Learn It,” “Try It,” “Review It,” and “Test It” modular structure of Tutorials begins with short prerequisite skills pretests that lead to individualized, scaffolded support so that student learning can rapidly grow to grade-level content with differentiated teaching one concept and skill at a time.

Guide Freshman Transition

As you plan for summer and the upcoming school year, consider new data illuminating how the pandemic is altering established patterns of enrollment. 9th grade enrollment has increased at least 5 percent in 15 states and D.C., and 9th grade retention rates overall are much higher that pre-Covid numbers, with some districts reporting close to 20 percent retention of last year’s 9th grade classes. The pandemic has intensified an already existing need: support for successful grade-level transition, especially when entering high school. Apex Learning Tutorials as part of your freshman transition program gives your students the support needed to ensure they begin 9th grade with all the prerequisite knowledge needed to navigate course content competently.

Drive College Readiness

For incoming juniors and seniors, summer is an opportune time to study for college entrance exams coming up in the fall. Consistent weekly practice will not only bring students to exam readiness, but will also have a positive effect on next-grade content because students are interacting with concepts already learned and will not experience the typical “summer slide”.

College readiness Tutorials are designed specifically to meet each student’s test readiness needs with targeted instruction aligned to each of the ACT®, SAT®, ACCUPLACER®, and TSI Assessment tests. They offer personalized and focused instruction that helps districts meet important college test readiness goals and helps students build depth of knowledge, confidence, and higher order skills through instruction and practice of skills essential to the test. In a three year study, the instructional approach of college readiness Tutorials was proven to be effective, with pretest to posttest gains of 26 percentile points on ACT® Tutorials and gains of 23 percentile points on the SAT®.

Prepare for End-of-Course (EOC) Exams

As exam results come in, you’re likely facing a population of students that were unsuccessful and require remediation to demonstrate mastery on retake exams. With Tutorials, students get comprehensive exposure to essential prerequisite skills and on-grade instruction aligned to the end-of-course (EOC) test they are preparing for. The reporting in Tutorials maps back to testing categories for a clear data picture of ongoing strengths and needs. Tutorials’ personalized learning targets the skills and concepts that each student needs for test success. A study released in 2020 shows Tutorials users in an Ohio district increased proficiency by more than 10 percent on Algebra 1 and English 1 EOC retake exams. Tutorials allow students to build the foundational and tested skills they need to be confident when approaching these exams.

Compliment Classroom Instruction

Simultaneously fill gaps and promote understanding of on-grade instruction in your summer classroom with Tutorials. Modular structure lends flexibility for use with whole-class instruction, small-group remediation, and individual intervention. Tutorials are designed for differentiated teaching—one concept or skill at a time, identifying skill gaps that may prevent a student from being successful on the grade-level concept or skill. They're aligned with state standards in key states for easy alignment with pacing guides, lesson plans, and meaningful reporting. 

Whether you want flexible open navigation or a more controlled sequence through instruction in the order you choose, Tutorials provide what you need. Integrated dashboards and reports provide results and growth by standard for the insights you need to support student success.

The power of Tutorials lies in their structure, which scaffolds to meet the individual needs of each student, filling learning gaps and providing accessible on-grade and on-course instruction to enhance learning for all students.

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Sian Reilly

Sian joined Edmentum in 2019 and serves as a Senior Marketing Specialist. A former teacher and administrator, Sian believes that individualized, whole learner education is the key to powerfully transforming students, campuses, and communities. Sian is passionate about connecting educators with information to meet their specific needs in an ever-evolving education environment.