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6 Last-Minute Gifts for Teachers

6 Last-Minute Gifts for Teachers

There are only a few more days of school left before the holiday break begins, and—uh-oh—you just realized you haven’t gotten a gift for your child’s teacher yet. No need to panic! Whether you’re a DIY diva or a fan of the simple store-bought solution, there are plenty of quick ways to show your appreciation for all that your child’s teacher does. Here are a few of our favorite last-minute gift ideas:

1. Classroom supplies

Teachers consistently dip into their own wallets to purchase classroom essentials like pencils, pens, tissues, hand sanitizer, whiteboard markers, crayons, and so much more. Not only will these be truly appreciated gifts by your child’s teacher, but they are also only a quick stop away at your local drugstore or discount store!

2. Flowers

Whether your child’s teacher has a green thumb or not, flowers and plants are, and always will be, a universally appreciated gesture of gratitude. Plus, they’ll brighten up the classroom!

3. Homemade cookies

Yes, the holiday season means tons of cookies. And, no, there can never be too many cookies. If you’re crunched on time, whipping up a batch of treats from your favorite recipe for your child to bring in to the teacher is a heartfelt way to say thanks.

4. Volunteer

What’s the one thing every teacher really wants? More time! You can’t gift extra hours in the day, but you can volunteer some of your time to help your child’s teacher knock out a project that’s been on his or her to-do list or lighten his or her load by spending some time working with students in the classroom.

5. Gift cards

While not the most creative solution, it’s hard to go wrong with gift cards. Starbucks, Target, and Amazon are all proven winners, but if you know of a particular store or restaurant your child’s teacher loves, that kind of personal touch is always nice.

6. Thank-you notes

It may be the simplest solution, but sometimes, it’s also the best. Taking the time to handwrite your words of thanks is a deeply meaningful gesture. Trust us—teachers keep these notes!

Involved parents create engaged students—and that’s the best present any teacher can get. Check out this blog post for 6 Ways to Keep Your Child Learning Over the Holiday Break, and do your part to send your kiddo back to school without brain drain!