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6 Teachers Share Their Secrets to Keeping Students Learning Over the Summer

6 Teachers Share Their Secrets to Keeping Students Learning Over the Summer

As a teacher, you work hard to make sure that your students learn the most they can during the school year. And, while you hope that your students go home and continue practicing and building their skills, chances are that it doesn’t actually happen. So, how do you make sure that your students maintain the wealth of knowledge you worked so hard to teach them over the school year during summer break? We asked our awesome community of educators on Facebook this question and wanted to share their secrets with you.

1. “I promote the summer reading program at the library and the librarian even came and spoke to all of our reading classes about it before school ended. I also gave students the option to take reading and math activity packets home with them, to work on over the summer.” – Michelle K.

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2. “I have been considering the idea of doing video-recorded read alouds and daily math or science questions on our class dojo page or perhaps school website (depending how brave I get) that the kiddos can watch and respond to.” – Jennifer L-S.


3. “I like to put together a list of short videos and articles for students to watch/read that build upon what we learned and what they will learn in subsequent classes. I also encourage students to go to the library and read- no matter what the subject happens to be!” – Rachel H.


4. “Fun math games with dice and cards. Keeping kids active and learning at the same time.” – Kris M.


5. “Read, Read, Read!!!” – Irma A.


6. “Creating a memory book of their summer adventures.” – Sherrell L.


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